We have a large variety of water to choose from in our area. We have all types of water from small pocket water fisheries to extremely technical spring creeks. You can throw size 6 foam stoneflies, size 22 midges, or anything in between. Choose between sight fishing for lunkers or throwing attractors for brookies. We have a little bit of everything.

Our float fishing is on the Yellowstone River. Our guides will take you down in MacKenzie style drift boats and do a wonderful streamside lunch. With over sixty miles to choose from we can keep you busy!

We wade fish the northern half of Yellowstone National Park. You will not only find great fishing but also see one of the most unique areas in the world.

And don't forget the private water in our area...

All of our guides have some water they like to fish that probably didn't get on our list. So if what we listed above isn't enough water for you, we can find more!

  • Floating the Yellowstone River

  • Merrell Lake even fishes in the rain

  • This nice DePuy's brown took a PMD dry

  • Stalking risers on the Gibbon River in YNP

  • Fish on!

  • Soda Butte Creek yields another nice cutty

  • Floating the Yellowstone River in Paradise Valley

  • Father and son with an Armstrong's brown

  • Brookie fishing under the falls on the Upper Gardiner

  • Wading the Firehole River

  • Straight Creek brookie - little but lit up!

  • The Gardiner River

  • Sharing Soda Butte Creek with other fishers

  • The Gardiner River gets crowded sometimes

  • Big brown on the East Gallatin